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The aerolatte milk frother has changed the way coffee is made and enjoyed at home - why not see why so...
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Professional grade material used by the finest cheese shops and gourmet grocers. The Formaticum paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity, extending the life of all cheese types.
Honor the cheesemakers. Save your cheese. Cheese was not put on this earth to be wrapped in plastic....
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Stylish stainless-steel cutlery and other kitchen utensils are designed with a focus on Scandinavian aesthetics, ensuring that they not only look great but are also highly functional.
160 years of tradition in manufacturing cutlery recognizes Gense as one of Europe’s largest suppliers...
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Our Garlic Crusher with Herb Striper is simple to use owing to its curved structure. Simply place the garlic beneath the crusher, apply pressure, and rock it back & forth to crush. The layout makes it possible to add and remove herb leaves quickly. Without the burden of unpleasant cleanup!
From mixing bowls that are compact, strong, versatile & presentable to reusable produce bags that reduce...
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The sleek rounded glass body is designed for easy handling of all your favorite lifestyle items. They are sturdy, yet lightweight, making them portable. The Swing-Top clamp style is great for fermenting, limoncello, soda, single-hand usage. The brilliantly clear glass, smoothed neck and shoulders are aesthetically captivating and highlights the contents.
Le Parfait
PRESERVE, STORE, SERVE, DÉCOR - Utilize these versatile Le Parfait glass jars to preserve your seasonal...
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Our best-selling collection of tableware with cork and EVA plastics. Our beach clean material is a clever mix of cork with recycled EVA plastics. Once unloved and part of the problem these recycled plastics are now wanted and are creating a solution. Every batch is unique so there maybe colour variations but sets are always put together to sit well on the table.
LIGA (pronounced Leega) came about when Jennie was on the hunt for great eco-friendly products that were...
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Beautiful cocktail glass with soft, curved silhouette. The elegant, fluted design with a fine gold rim gives the glass a nice vintage look that also reflects current trends. Serve festive cocktails, drinks or desserts and allow the fine facets to reflect the light and the contents of the glass in the most beautiful way.
Lyngby Glas
Lyngby Glas, an institution in Denmark, was established in 1940 and has since then developed into one...
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The Mason Cash In the Forest Cream Mixing Bowl is perfect for bread, cake, cookie, pastry and pudding mixes. Care & Use: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Mason Cash
Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries. The origins of Mason Cash can...
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Wave if you want more salt…Done! “Thumbs Up” if you want more pepper… Done! This articulated hand grinder is sure to be a conversation piece at your dining table. Stands 33cm/13" tall, available in a right hand or left hand for salt or pepper. Own one or both hands and never ask to pass the salt again…just “talk to the hand”.- Solid beechwood for long-lasting construction- Ceramic grinder crushes the spices without leaving a metallic taste behind- Articulated hand for a great conversation piece
Every kitchen needs a gadget here or there to make cooking easier. Mobi gadgets are not only made with...
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Our patent pending pour spout ensures you'll leave no drips behind—no greasy spots or rings on your best tablecloth! The built-in filter allows you to use flavored oils without blockage.Key Features:- Ensures you'll leave no drips behind- Stopper included
Prepara kitchenware products are designed for the enjoyment of people looking to eat and prepare healthier,...
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