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Award Winning German Design

Birkmann offers a range of award-winning bakeware for home bakers and professional bakers alike. Whether you're a beginner trying to bake your first sugar cookies or a seasoned home cook preparing an artfully decorated gateaux, baking should be fun.....and with Birkmann's quality bakeware, you've got this. The enticing scent from the oven, the good feel of little baked delicacies in your kitchen, the creativity of trying out new recipes and products, that is RBV Birkmann, we bring the joy in baking.
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“Cause we Care” by Birkmann

A unique collection of sustainable products that are made in Germany exclusively from rapidly renewable raw materials or recycled materials such as bamboo, wood, tinplate and kraft paper. The company thus sets new standards that successfully combine sustainability and stylish design with minimal packaging.

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