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Natural home cleaning products that clean with just water

Greener Cleaner offers a fantastic range of cloths that clean with just water. They make cleaning safe for your family and are perfect for Allergy sufferers. Not only that but they are quicker and easier than using chemicals while saving you money on chemical cleaners. Imagine cleaning with no chemicals. What a relief for Allergy and Asthma sufferers!
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Greener Cleaner® is an innovative range of high performance household cleaning products that are kinder to the environment.
Our eco-experts have developed a 100% recycled plastic material made from waste plastic – helping to reduce single use plastic. These materials are durable and perform as well as any non-eco alternative. We call the material eco-flek.
Our microfiber cloths are made from quality yarn and have millions of fibers to draw up, collect, trap and remove dirt, grease and bacteria. The microfiber technology means you can clean with confidence, just with water.

Eco-friendly products at your fingertip.

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