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Ergonomic, versatile, stable, flexible, lightweight phone and tablet stands

The KEKO were designed and developed by Jean-François Jacques of Montreal-based industrial design firm Météore Design. KEKO are the result of months of exhaustive research, starting with numerous tests of different approaches to the problem. The result is a remarkably simple product with a form that clearly follows its function. Like all Météore Design products, KEKO embodies a quest for perfection and meticulous attention to detail. Its textures, finishes and colours, materials, and audible and tactile feedback have all been designed to create a superb user experience.
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KEKO has four different positions

Cleverly designed to keep the tablet at optimal working angles: reading or writing, in landscape or portrait orientation. Because it’s foldable, light and mobile, KEKO adapts to your tablet’s new position instantly. Invisible magnets hold it closed, and it opens like scissors. When fully opened, a special mechanism locks it in position. This system is essential: without it, simply tapping the tablet would close the scissor mechanism.

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