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Quality craftsmanship and innovative, timeless design

When you close your eyes today and think of Morsø, you probably see the image of a cozy, hot wood-burning stove. Founded in 1853, Morsø offers a series of kitchen equipment made of black cast iron which enhances the experience both in the kitchen and at the table.
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Offering long tradition of quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

In 1853, the young N. A. Christensen left his occupation as a bookkeeper to begin his iron foundry adventure – an adventure that took its beginning in Nykøbing Mors.
Despite fierce competition from other foundries in larger towns, the small handful of blacksmiths, turners and joiners would create an icon that would come to extend far beyond this North Jutland town from which it sprung. It was an icon created through innovation, based on design, quality and fine workmanship. And, thus, it will forever be sitting pretty in Danish homes as well as out in the great wide world. An icon that we have all come to know as Morsø.

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