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The colors of food will pop, highlighting the textures and shapes of dish presented

Red Vanilla founder, Brian Blake, is a 14-year veteran of former Mikasa and the son of Mikas a visionary and founder, Alf Blake. Brian established Red Vanilla in 2004 with the mission to continue a legacy of providing table top products with the highest quality and exceptional value. Our dinnerware products range from casual every day to formal entertaining, city to country, all with stylish designs, functional living and elegance.
Available in:

Classic Style

A brilliant white offers a clean, sleek backdrop that highlights the colors, shapes and textures of food. This durable and versatile dinnerware is ideal for a variety of world cuisines.

Eco-friendly products at your fingertip.

Port-Style presents eco-conscious brands and products that combine color, design, and innovation for today’s active, healthy lifestyle. Embrace reusable, sustainable, and ethical values with us.