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Trebonn Logo 2023

Transforming everyday kitchen accessories to unique, iconic objects

Cesare, Federico and Niccolò Bonardi … or three Bonn, Trebonn! Father and sons, experience and enthusiasm that have catalyzed a specialized team with an international profile at the service of their ambitious project: reinterpreting everyday objects by freeing themselves from stereotypes and conventions, skillfully mixing innovative designs and enriched functionality. With the desire to design something unique, and a common, all-Italian passion for cooking and beauty are the spark of their young business.
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Here in Italy, we love experimenting with design.

So we asked ourselves a question – What if we threw our traditional approach out of the window and started to design from scratch?

That’s how Trebonn came about.
Our ingredients are simple: creativity, irony, functionality and style.
Our objectives, however, are ambitious.

We want to transform everyday accessories into unique, iconic objects that are attractive to look at and practical to use.

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