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Functional design that challenges the convention and excited curiosity

Our products are ready to move into people’s homes and shine in different ways. Some simply because they’re good, no-frills designs to make everyday life easier. Others because their sublime aesthetics will beautify your room and make you smile from the moment you first set eyes on them. But, mostly, both apply.
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Zone Denmark makes a statement that leaves you in no doubt.

We interpret evolving trends by rethinking beauty and functionality for everyone who shares our belief in a profoundly positive life. Expressed in an honest and colorful way, our designs challenge convention, inspire curiosity and embrace exquisite materials. We have won several international design awards with our team of innovative Danish designers, which is great. But it’s our design-loving friends around the world that make it all worthwhile!

Eco-friendly products at your fingertip.

Port-Style presents eco-conscious brands and products that combine color, design, and innovation for today’s active, healthy lifestyle. Embrace reusable, sustainable, and ethical values with us.