CIRQULA Multi-Bowl Set 4PC/ST (350+750+1250+2250) Berry


CIRQULA Multi-Bowl Set 4PC/ST Berry

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With this Mepal Cirqula multi bowls set you will have real all rounders in your kitchen. In the multi bowls, of 350 ml, 750 ml, 1250 ml and 2250 ml, you can store food, freeze it, and heat it up. These practical sizes are ideal for storing leftovers of a meal, pasta salads, grilled vegetables or a rich soup. The Mepal Cirqula bowl is made of unbreakable material. Its transparent window allows you to see its contents clearly. The innovative, flexible lid is 100 % leakproof and seals airtight. The food can therefore be kept fresh longer, which makes the Cirqula perfect for storing and taking along. The Mepal Cirqula multi bowls are practical and easy to store away as they can nest and stack together.

• Dishwasher safe
• Freezer safe
• Microwave safe
• Maximum of 110 degrees
• Suitable for contact with food
• 0% BPA
• 100% Leak Proof
• Made in Holland

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