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The classical stylish shape makes it fit in anywhere, the material allows it to withstand almost anything it is exposed to. it is excellent for storage – a colourful, stylish alternative for keeping things organized at home and at the office. The Hinza bag provides easy access to your crafts, tools and toys. The tote bag is an obvious choice for picnics and outings or for pool parties and shopping trips. It is perfect for gardening jobs as it is sturdy and easy to clean. completely recyclable!
The Hinza bag is a Swedish classic, designed at the beginning of the 1950s by the Swedish plastic and...
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Most smiles start with another smile. The classic Hoptimist is the essence of smiles, optimism and good humour, and with its bright, cheery colours and round, harmonious silhouette it spreads joy wherever it finds itself.
Make every day a little more joyful! Hoptimists are all about smiles – and a mild surplus of energy....
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The KEKO stand is ideal for kitchens, offices, coffee tables, reading, writing, watching videos, viewing photos, FaceTime or Skype sessions and more. You can leave it on a table, ready to be used as a tablet or Apple Pencil station. The KEKO stand is a simple, versatile, fun, attractive object. Most importantly, it gives your tablet dramatically improved ergonomics.
The KEKO were designed and developed by Jean-François Jacques of Montreal-based industrial design firm...
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The sleek rounded glass body is designed for easy handling of all your favorite lifestyle items. They are sturdy, yet lightweight, making them portable. The Swing-Top clamp style is great for fermenting, limoncello, soda, single-hand usage. The brilliantly clear glass, smoothed neck and shoulders are aesthetically captivating and highlights the contents.
Le Parfait
PRESERVE, STORE, SERVE, DÉCOR - Utilize these versatile Le Parfait glass jars to preserve your seasonal...
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Our best-selling collection of tableware with cork and EVA plastics. Our beach clean material is a clever mix of cork with recycled EVA plastics. Once unloved and part of the problem these recycled plastics are now wanted and are creating a solution. Every batch is unique so there maybe colour variations but sets are always put together to sit well on the table.
LIGA (pronounced Leega) came about when Jennie was on the hunt for great eco-friendly products that were...
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Our portable caddy can be used in many ways. Whether it´s for cleaning supplies, as a kitchen utensil holder, a sauce and cutlery basket at barbecues, or for taking gardening tools to the vegetable patch. Simple, sturdy, lightweight and practical; with tight-fitting dividers on one side and a larger, full-length compartment on the other.
The first Redecker brushes were hand-made in 1935. Lots has changed since then. Today, the name of Redecker...
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Japanese purity meets Scandinavian audacity, and beautiful design emerges. Quite simply, it’s UME. The U-shape contributes aesthetic calmness and stability. There’s a light-and-airy Nordic feel, too.
Zone Denmark
Our products are ready to move into people’s homes and shine in different ways. Some simply because they’re...
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